Cancellation Policy

  Note 1

If you do not wish to renew, please request cancellation at least two weeks before the next renewal date. Be sure to check Japan time as well.


  Note 2

For those paying with Wise only:

Please note that this customer is not eligible for a refund.


  Note 3

For Monthly payment customers only:

You will officially become a student after the trial period.

Our cancellation system is easy to make, but the first cancellations after the trial will be from the third month because the first and second months after becoming a full student are mandatory programs.


  Note 4

Please note that if there is no cancellation request, it will be automatically renewed.



If you take a $30 lesson and quit the shortest possible time

November 20, 2022: Trial begins
November 27, 2022: Trial ends
November 27, 2022: Lessons officially begin ($30 will be charged)
December 27, 2022: Must be renewed (will be charged $30)
(If cancellation is requested by January 12, 2023)
You can withdraw on January 27, 2023, so there will be no fee after the third month.

If you have any questions about the cancellation, please use the form below.

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