Online English Learning Developer

Location: Online-based
Salary: PHP9,000 – PHP200,000 or more

Job description:

We are looking for individuals (a part-time 20 hours) who are interested to be a part of our English team. The position, we called, is an English learning developer. Since this is the online English school, you will teach English. However, it is totally different from the standard online English school job. The first 3 months at least, you will study English grammar, pronunciation, reading for students with the team, and we discuss them and exchange our ideas through internet. In the team, we don’t speak Japanese at all, and even in the class students are not allowed to speak Japanese. If you have no Japanese skills, that will be totally fine. English is only the language that we required. We might take a video and make questions or even lesson supplements. We would like Japanese students to be interested in the Philippines, so we may ask you about culture, food, sports, music or lifestyle in the Philippines as an English materials. After 3 months, we are considering to produce your own lesson using your background experience. Therefore, the first 3 months, you might have a lesson but not teaching English. To be honest, the teaching part will be less than 25% on your job for the first 3 month, but it will increase your teaching position if you are passion to teach English for students.

A majority of our students will be Japanese University students, and we hope to gain working professionals in the future. There are 5 levels of this position. You will start as a trainee (three months into the job) and you will be able to work as a trainer in the near future (15 months into the job). There is a Japanese experienced trainer at SEKAEL who has experience of teaching English not only Japan but also US, and he will be the leader for the team. He graduated from University of Washington and he is now working at one of the Japanese game companies as a translator/interpreter. You will work with him and you will study English grammar, reading, pronunciation for developing your original materials and lessons for your future Japanese students in the English teaching team at SEKAEL. In the team, there is a female native speaker who is from Florida, US. besides the Japanese leader. Your experience and knowledge will be an asset to us. Our goal is not only to teach English to Japanese people, but also to make Japanese people like the Philippines more, and to deliver supplies to poor children in the Philippines. Now, we have a big project to deliver some Japanese supplies to them, and your job is to receive supplies from us in Japan and deliver them to kindergartens, elementary schools or junior high schools in the Philippines. If you empathize with this message, why don’t you work together at SEKAEL!

■Q: Why did we start this project?

In the news, we learned that many Filipinos were losing their jobs because of COVID-19, and we thought about what we could do. As a result, by asking Filipinos to work and paying their salaries, we thought that we could help those who lost their jobs in the Philippines, albeit in a small group, so we started this project.

We are confident that this project will, first, protect the livelihoods of Filipinos who will join our team in the future, and in the future, provide supplies to the poor children in the Philippines and connect the Philippines and Japan.

Q: What will you do in the team?

1. You will work with the Japanese trainer in order to develop the English materials and make your original lesson for Japanese students online.
2. We will create a one-minute video in which you answer questions in English, and make a script for that video and questions to check if the Japanese students have understood the video.
3. You will introduce new vocabulary and phrases to be delivered to Twitter and Facebook.
4. You will teach not only private lessons but also group lessons.
5. You will receive supplies from us in Japan and distribute them to children in the Philippines. When COVID-19 settles down, we in Japan will also go to the Philippines to help!

Working hours for a part time worker

Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm PST (4 hours)
Sat & Sun: 12pm-9pm PST (8 hours and 1 hour break)

・You must work for 20 hours every week for the first 3 months as a part time worker.
・From the above date and time, you must work 3 days on weekdays and 8 hours on either Saturday or Sunday.
・As for Weekdays, and you can choose the three working days available from Monday to Friday on the first day of the interview.
・If you are only able to work only 4 hours on Saturdays or Sundays, it is possible that you can increase work days from 3 days to 4 days on weekdays instead of working 8 hours for Saturdays or Sundays.

Salary system:


1. Stable internet connection
・Minimum upload speed of 5 MBPS
・Minimum download speed of 5 MBPS
・Connection via WIFI or LAN cable is fine
2.Your own Desktop/Laptop
3.Webcam (Built-in or external is fine)
4.Headset with a stick-type microphone
5.Quiet and private room
6.The person who is living in the Philippines now
7.Education: University degree or higher
8 、On weekdays (Monday to Friday), you must work three days a week (6pm-10pm PST).
9、You must work either Saturday or Sunday (12pm-9pm PST).
*However, if you are only able to work 4 hours on Saturdays or Sundays, you can increase your working days to 4 days on weekdays.
10、You need a native level of English ability, but Japanese skills are not required. We prefer someone who can’t speak Japanese.

How to apply:

Please send us an email with your resume or CV attached.
Email address:

Please type “Job Application: Your Name” in the subject line of the email.





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