Meaningful Life with Music

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”   Friedrich Nietzsche

Music has always fascinated me since youth because it brings back memories, thousands of them when I hear a familiar song.  

When I have reached my early twenties I have become able to appreciate deep songs and learned from the subtle messages of the songs. I would not be able to survive the hardest times of my life without music…

It still rings true until today…

Today I will share 5 of the greatest songs that have helped me cope through tough times, motivated me, made me cry a little and made me believe that there is hope in every morning. 

1. Mountain O' Things by Tracy Chapman

This song has grounded me and taught me to always seek deeper meaning in living. It allowed me to see that a life that is motivated by materialistic means is not a desirable reason to live. I think that this has made me realize that I am not and will never be just a consumer. 

2. Tobtok - On My Way (Rain or Shine Remix)

I have found this song on a surfing video and the message of the song and the beat made me feel and see myself being able to do anything that I want. It was oozing with so much hope and the message that resonated with me was “You may never know where youre going but youre moving, youre growing. ” And ever since, when I feel down i listen to this to just inspire me and to remind me that, things may not be perfect right now but anything is possible. 

3. NF - Paid My Dues

I loved this song simply because when this first played I saw myself partying as well. I dont really like going to the club but this song has a deep meaning too since it was originally a rap by NF. Its a rap piece with so much angst and it amazed me that a song with so much pain can make you wanna dance. 

4. Ludovico Einaudi - Experience

I have found this video around 2016, and this is the first video that I found and learned Ludovico Einudi, one of my favorite pianists. This song has always made me feel that our differences as different people coming from different places is an amazing thing

5. Hyouka - Yasashisa No Riyuu · Kenzie Smith Piano

I came across this piece when I have watched Hyouka the Anime. This piece feels hopeful, like any day now, I know I will be fine. It also makes me feel that there is a deeper meaning in life and we all have to sieze it. 

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